Downloading more than 10000 Rows of Navigator Audit data in JSON format

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asked Aug 30, 2017 in Hadoop by admin (4,410 points)
SummaryWhen using Cloudera Navigator API to download the audit data in JSON format, it can only download 10000 rows maximum even if changing the API call limit parameter to more than 10000.

Applies To
  • Navigator Audit
  • API

Navigator limit parameter is fixed to 10000 by default.


With the API you can use the offset and re-request to get more rows. For example, for 30000 rows, three consecutive requests can be made:

offset=0, limit=10000
offset=10000, limit=10000
offset=20000, limit=10000


  1. http://<navigator-metadata-server>:7187/api/v9/audits/?query=****&offset=0&limit=10000&format=JSON​
  2. http://<navigator-metadata-server>:7187/api/v9/audits/?query=****&offset=10000&limit=10000&format=JSON
  3. http://<navigator-metadata-server>:7187/api/v9/audits/?query=****&offset=20000&limit=10000&format=JSON​

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