Impala Returns NULL Values For Some Columns in Parquet Table

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SummaryOne possible cause for Impala to return NULL values for some of the columns stored as Parquet format.


When running SELECT query against a Parquet table from Impala, some or all of the columns returns NULl values, like below:

Query: select * from impalaissue
| myfield1 | myfield2 | myfield3 |
| NULL     | NULL     | NULL     |
| NULL     | NULL     | NULL     |
| NULL     | NULL     | NULL     |

The same query returned correct results in Hive/Beeline:

select * from impalaissues;
| impalaissue.myfield1  | impalaissue.myfield2  | impalaissue.myfield3  |
| Hello                 | 2                     | B                     |
| Hola                  | 1                     | A                     |
| Ola                   | 3                     | C                     |
Applies To

CDH5.8.x +


From CDH5.8.x and above, Impala contains a new setting to control how mapping of schema information from HiveMetaStore to schema stored in the Parquet format. The setting is called "PARQUET_FALLBACK_SCHEMA_RESOLUTION". For more information, please refer to: PARQUET_FALLBACK_SCHEMA_RESOLUTION Query Option (CDH 5.8 or higher only)

When "PARQUET_FALLBACK_SCHEMA_RESOLUTION=name", Impala will search for columns in Parquet file using column names, instead of positions/indexes. And because Impala does this in case-sensitive way, if the column names in Parquet are in the format of "ColumnName", but HiveMetaStore stores column name as "columnname", Impala will not be able to find a match in Parquet schema, hence NULL values will be returned.

Impala Schema:

| result                                                                         |
| CREATE EXTERNAL TABLE default.impalaissue (                                    |
|   myfield1 STRING COMMENT 'Inferred from Parquet file.',                       |
|   myfield2 BIGINT COMMENT 'Inferred from Parquet file.',                       |
|   myfield3 STRING COMMENT 'Inferred from Parquet file.'                        |
| )                                                                              |
| STORED AS PARQUET                                                              |
| LOCATION 'hdfs://<namenode>:8020/tmp/data'                                     |

Parquet schema:

message example {
  optional binary MyField1 (UTF8);
  optional int64 MyField2;
  optional binary MyField3 (UTF8);

This has been reported upstream: IMPALA-4675 - Mixed or uppercase columns are not resolved in parquet when using PARQUET_FALLBACK_SCHEMA_RESOLUTION=NAME


Set PARQUET_FALLBACK_SCHEMA_RESOLUTION to use "position" instead of "name" to fix the issue for the time being:


If you can't use "position" due to the order of columns in HiveMetaStore and Parquet schema are not matching, you will have to wait for IMPALA-4675 to be fixed.

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