Role Managed by Cloudera Manager Stuck in Stopping or Starting State | Configured_Status

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SummaryHow to get a role managed by Cloudera Manager that is in the stopping state or starting state back to a known good state.
Applies To
  • Cloudera Manager 5.x
SymptomsThe Cloudera Manager UI indicates a role is stopping or starting, however, you know for a fact that the role is stopped or already started.  
In this "ongoing" state, the role can neither be stopped or started.


What causes a role to appear to be in a stopping state or starting state when it is actually stopped/started is currently unknown.  However, one use case is as follows:

The user began their upgrade of Cloudera Manager when, without their knowledge, another user stopped a role.  It is possible, (this issue has been reported at least twice) that the database supporting Cloudera Manager marked the role "stopping" when in fact the role is in some other state or transitioning to some other state.


To diagnose and workaround this issue, perform the following actions:

  1. Log into the Cloudera Manager database and run a query against all the services in the Roles table.
select role_id, name, configured_status from ROLES where configured_status = "STOPPING";   --  Replace STOPPING with STARTING depending on the use case.
  1. Note any roles that you know for certain are stopped but are indicated as "STOPPING" or any roles you know for certain are started but are indicated as "STARTING" 
  2. Execute an update statement to set the role to the correct state.
update ROLES set configured_status = "STOPPED" where role_id = #;   --  Replace STOPPED with RUNNING depending on the use case.
  1. Re-execute the select statement to check to ensure the configured_status is now indicating the correct state.
  2. Start or stop the role as required.

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