Cloudera Manager Alerts for Unexpected Results Due to Region JMX Race Condition

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SummaryCloudera Manager UI shows an alert when the CM agent gets a Null Pointer Exception response for a Web Metric JXM call to a Region Server. This error is benign and may be ignored.


If Cloudera Manager UI shows the following message:

The health test result for REGION_SERVER_WEB_METRIC_COLLECTION has become bad: The Cloudera Manager Agent got an unexpected response from this role's web server


Applies To
  • HBase
  • Region Server
  • Cloudera Manager
  • Cloudera Manager Agent

The agent logs contains the following exception:

Sep 19, 1:53:08.836 AM ERROR org.mortbay.log
Nested in getMBeanInfo threw RuntimeException:

This exception is caused by HADOOP-11367[1], which is a race condition in the JMX code.
[1] - 'Fix a race condition in MetricsSourceAdapter.updateJmxCache' :


This error message is essentially benign and can be ignored
To remove this error from the logs, the Region Server 'Web Meteric Collection' must be disabled:

  1. Navigate to HBase > Configuration
  2. Enter "Web Metric Collection" in the Search box
  3. Uncheck this property for 'Region Server'
  4. Click Save Changes

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