Administrators are not allowed to view Mapreduce 2 Job History for jobs run by other users

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After a Mapreduce job is completed, if an administrator (as defined in yarn.admin.acls) selects the job ID and attempts to access the Job history, they see the following error:

Access denied: User abcd does not have permission to view job job_xxxx



The YARN ACLs (yarn.admin.acls) as well as Mapreduce ACLs (mapreduce.cluster.administrators) may not be setup.

The mapreduce.cluster.administrators needs to be defined in the YARN service and Mapreduce Client Safety valves.


In the Cloudera Manager configuration (CM->YARN->Configuration), add the property mapreduce.cluster.administrators to the following safety valves listed below and include the list of administrators who should have access to view MapReduce Job history and logs. This list can be defined as the list of userids and groups that need access. The list of userids and group names should be separated by a whitespace character.

Safety valves:
YARN Service MapReduce Advanced Configuration Snippet (Safety Valve)
MapReduce Client Advanced Configuration Snippet (Safety Valve) for mapred-site.xml

Sample entry to add in Safety valve:
<value>user1,user2 group1,group2</value>

If Cloudera Manager is not used, please add the yarn.admin.acls property to yarn-site.xml in the Resource Manager, and the mapreduce.cluster.administrators property to the Job History server's mapred-site.xml file.

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